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This is the place on the web for Training Center Software, the line of solutions from Less Stress Instructional Services that helps you better teach life-saving skills to your students. Products available include programs to manage your training organization such as Training Center Manager, Training Center Suite, and TC Suite with Webservices.   These programs are designed to help your organization manage course scheduling, student registration, and course completion card printing.

Also available are solutions for classroom training, such as the AED Trainer Application and the ET3 classroom tablet.  These are tools that can be used on mobile devices in the classroom.  They assist in scenario training by replacing training products and clinical monitors.

Emergency Total Training Tool (ET3)


Training Center Manager is at Version 7 and totally web-based!

TCM is now on the cloud - fast-running, backed up, and accessible from any computer.  Upgrade your V6 product and get the most feature-rich product we offer.  Get payments from students, collect rosters, and send students and instructors text messages from within our product.


ECCU - San Diego, CA

December 8-11, 2015

Training Center Manager Software

Register students, receive your rosters digitally from instructors, schedule instructors, and print completion cards from most accrediting bodies.  

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